Pros and Cons of a Dingle

Pros and Cons of a Dingle

Where have I landed?Hey everyone! Last time I checked in, I still hadn’t moved into my dorm… Well, the long awaited moment has come and gone, and I have now settled into my room at Carleton. I live on 4th Cassat, which is apparently one of the more desired dorms as a freshman (whenever I tell fellow students this, they go “oooo” and “ahhh”). The building was built in 2008 with sustainability in mind and it has a very shiny and new feeling… BUT! It is a WORKOUT walking up 4 flights of stairs several times a day (you’ve been warned).

Dingle Life for MeWhen I moved into my room last week, I was surprised to find that I didn’t have a roommate! Apparently she was supposed to come to campus, but never showed up ߙ`This means…. I HAVE A DINGLE! For those of you who aren’t aware, lab report writing help a dingle is a dorm room that is made to be double, but there’s only one person living in it! Single + Double = Dingle. (There is so much new terminology on campus but this is my favorite college specific word so far.)

Pros of The DingleSo far, I am enjoying the two closets, two dressers, two desks in the room… Okay, I’m not loving having two beds in here, but it has been nice to spread out across the entire room. In the Dingle life, you get to put your posters up on both walls, dance around the room, be scantily clad without worrying about freaking your roommate out and so many more fun things that one can do alone… I also don’t have to worry about someone else’s COVID-19 habits potentially affecting me.

Cons of The DingleWhen I left for school I packed light (because who knows what uncertainty COVID will bring) and therefore it feels like a half empty room! Part of me really wishes that I did have a roommate, since that is an automatic connection that you have with someone on campus. I haven’t ever really roomed with anyone, and I was looking forward to the experience of cohabitating with a fellow Carl. There isn’t anyone in here to joke around with ߙM

The Dingle Life…I feel like as I get more connected on campus, I will be able to make a couple friends that I feel comfortable welcoming into my space… I know that we are in weird times, but the space afforded to me in this dingle mustn’t go un-appreciated! On the space note, Cassat rooms are pretty big, so I would recommend looking out for one of these during room draw!

If you’ve got any questions about transitions, covid-19 life, cassat/dorm life or anything relating to college!! Please send me an email! My email is and I am happy to speak with you all :))

After taking a gap year and exploring the world outside of the classroom, Avery is ready to start her freshman year at Carleton! You can find her out in the Arb trying to identify plant species or in the Libe reading about abolitionist education theory and working class movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her passions and interests align most with American Studies, Education Studies, and History. Meet the other bloggers!

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