Preterm Birth Statistics in Africa

Over 60 percent of preterm births worldwide occur in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Of the fifteen million (15MILLION) babies born too early each year, more than one million (1MILLION) die due to complications related to preterm birth. Low birth weight (newborns weighing less than 2,500 grams at birth), due to prematurity and/or restricted growth …

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Joselyne Chesoli’s Story

Joselyne Chesoli’s water broke when she was three months pregnant. When she went to the hospital, she was advised to terminate the pregnancy because the baby would not survive.  She was diagnosed with Premature Rapture of Membranes Disorder. “The doctors told me that I was at risk of getting an infection in my uterus,” she …

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Hellen’s Story

Its a dream of every woman to become a mother some day. My journey wasn’t so easy at 14 wks i realized I was pregnant and so I went ahead  for an obstetric scan only to find out I was expecting twins. I was very excited to share the news.  Then my problems begun. I …

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Emma Nyaguthie’s Story

In my 34 th week of pregnancy, I started to experience something out of the ordinary. I got so nauseous and was vomiting anything I dared ingest. My appetite also vanished and I could barely eat a meal. My husband decided to take me to the hospital where a scan was conducted revealing all was well …

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Brenda’s Journey

January 31st, 2015 marks a very important day in my life and that of my family. It is a day  that God’s light shone on us (literally) during a very dark period. On this day, I had been prepared to accept that my baby; had very low chances of survival. In the wee hours of …

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Facts about Premature Babies 

Infants born before the 37th week of pregnancy are considered premature babies. We Thank God for advances in science and medicine, it is becoming more and more possible to deliver healthy babies earlier and save the lives of babies born… Continue Reading

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5 Salient Prayers for Premature Babies

A premature baby is born more susceptible to illness due to their weakened immune system and inability to fully develop in some areas. To help quick the healing process, recite any of these great prayers for premature babies and follow… Continue Reading


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